Chateau Horse-Drawn Hearses
   At a time when you desire the grand elegance of something truly special for transport of a loved one to their final resting place, what could be more fitting than the beauty and tradition of a horses-drawn hearse.

   Our selection of hearses are delivered with a team of 2 horses along experienced drivers and handlers. Your choice of color for this somber occasion are: all black, black with white curtains or all white. A matching pair of either white or black horses are also the preferred choice for this day of mourning.
   Below we are providing a number of products for display. All hearses are impeccably kept and ready for service at your request.  And of course,... if you would like to view one of the many funerals for which we've provided this service,... please feel free to go to our "Video" Section to preview events captured on video by the Broadcast Media.

Either fancy or plain,... the look must capture the mood.
   This type of event must possess a mood tailored for a lasting impression, symbolizing respect and goodwill for those making a last journey to the here-after.  For centuries the horse-drawn hearse has provided this with the final fan-fair and spirit on a day where all classes stand equal. 
  This day must be perfect with an elegance and detail fitting the occasion, a perfection found only with Chateau.

Chateau Horse-Drawn Hearses
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